I'm still open to submissions for the anthology of essays about the experience of breastfeeding that I am shopping around. I'm interested in first person essays of between 700-2000 words that offer a unique perspetive on nursing...or not nursing your baby. If you would like to contribute, please drop me an email at


Here is a call for submissions from my friend and fellow writermama, Ericka Lutz:

Call for Fiction Submissions

(Please share widely!!)

Literary Mama, a new online literary journal, seeks
good fiction by writers who are mothers, about
parenting. Stories should be:
* Centered around parenting.
* Written by writers who are also self-identified
mothers: biological, non-biological, step,
transgendered, adoptive.

* Stories or stand-alone novel excerpts up to 7,000
* Reprints okay (so long as you have the rights).
* Standard response time from 3-5 weeks. Manuscripts
are read year round except for June and December.
* Simultaneous submissions okay as long as you notify
us if accepted elsewhere.
* Electronic submissions only (see address below).

What we tend to like:
* Writing that hurts – to write, to read.
* Superior craft.
* Stories with strong narrative structure, great
characters, interesting settings, beautiful language,
complicated themes.
* Fiction at a flat-out, heart-racing run.
* Fiction that meanders slowly and irrevocably.
* Ambiguity, complexity, depth, thoughtfulness,
delicacy, humor, irreverence, sincerity; the elegant
and the raw.

What we tend not to like:
* Cloying, soft-focus, overly-epiphanous fiction.
* Lack of development, lack of clarity.

How to submit:
Please send attachments as MSWord or RTF files to and enclose a brief cover

We look forward to reading your work!
Look at this cute picture of my seven year old daughter Jane competing in a recent horseshow. And here is another picure taken last Saturday of Jane and her pony.
I'm quoted in the Edinburgh (Scotland) News today on the topic of the 12 year old girl who ran off with an American man she met on the Internet.