dog in knoxville needs home

I have the most wonderful stray dog at my house. He's a neutered male and very cute -- well, actually, he's so ugly he's cute. A friend tells me he looks like a cross between a hyena and a potbellied pig, but I think he's actually a cross between an australian cattle dog and a chihuahua. He's quite small -- about the size of a cairn terrier or pug, with the merle coat of an aussie. He has one blue eye. A very unusual looking dog.

He has PERFECT house manners. He is extremely calm and laid back and loves kids. He is fine with my cats and my other dog, but I think he would probably do best as an only dog (cats ok). He walks well on a leash but mostly likes to nap on the couch. He barks an alert when people come to the door but is not barky in the least.He rides well in the car.

This would be a perfect dog for an older person or someone who isn't home as much as a more active dog might need. He loves my kids and has been sleeping on their beds at night.

Let me know if you are interested.


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