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I love what John Scalzi says about the Bob Greene sex scandal:

"Having sex with young women is the male mid-life crisis version of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It doesn't keep you from dying, but at least you get to go to the Magic Kingdom one more time."

(I also just discovered while wandering his website that Scalzi, one of my favorite bloggers, attended Webb School in California. I myself am an alumna of The Webb School in Bell Buckle, TN, which was founded by the same family... )


I was stunned and horrified to read today that the defense counsel in the Danielle van Dam murder case not only knew
that his client had admitted to the crime, but that this attorney planned to use the murderer's willingness to tell the child's parents where he had dumped her body as a bargaining chip.

Because Danielle's ravaged little body was found by searching volunteers before the lawyer and his client could
figuratively dangle it over the prosecutor's and parents' heads, defense counsel then went on to waste taxpayers' money and put the van Dam family through hell on earth during the lengthy trial. This lawyer did more than "mount a vigorous defense" for child rapist/killer David Westerfield. In fact, he actually explicitly suggested throughout the trial that these parents had callously allowed their daughter's killer into their home via their own immoral behavior (in this case, the "immoral behavior" included periodic consensual group sex and occasionally smoking some pot at home with adult friends).

Personally, I don't consider what goes on between consenting adults in their own bedroom to be immoral. I do consider what this
lawyer did to be beyond immoral. I don't know how he can live with himself.