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"...mullet wearers she talked with fell into five basic categories: the "MexiMullet" (Mexican Machismo Men), "Hockey Hair" (Hockey/Bikers/Jocks/ Studs), "The Lesbian Haircut" (Lesbians), "Mullet With Tradition" (Native Americans) and "The Billy Ray Cyrus" (country-music stars and fans). "

From an article on the resurgence of the mullet from the AP today.


I am not making this up.

John Hughes is making a sequel to the movie Sixteen Candles to be titled 32 Candles. It will check in on the lives of the main characters sixteen years later.
Here's an interview with my friend, Leslie Woods about her first CD, Velvet Sky. Leslie is incredibly gifted and a great mama to boot. I keep telling her she's gonna be a star. Check her music out and decide for yourself.



I didn't know that this article I wrote on the persecution of midwives in the U.S. was still online.


An interesting essay from Dr. Jack Newman on bottlefeeding and guilt.