I am strongly pro-school choice, which often surprises my progressive pals. I have an essay about my views on school choice in this month's issue of the magazine, Brain,Child.

Thanks to Lisa Snell for her assistance with research.


Here is a great interview with Democratic candidate Howard Dean on environmental issues. Also, Dean is gaining steadily in Iowa polls.
Now that I subscribe to the life-changing NetFlix (NO MORE LATE FEES!), I am watching lots of good movies. Last night while the kids were asleep, I watched You Can Count On Me with Laura Linney, Mark Ruffalo, and Mathew Broderick. Broderick was awesome. He did a variation on his sweaty, Ford Fiesta-driving character from the movie

( I like this movie a lot but it always made me vaguely uncomfortable. My friend David Rhoden suggested to me a couple of years ago that it's because I identify too closely with the Reese Withersppon character, Tracy Flick. Sadly, I think he is correct ;-) )

My dog, Dixie, is an American Staffordshire Terrier. In other words, she's a fancy-pants "pit bull". She's the best dog I've ever known, but I have to say that lately, I've been increasingly irritated by people's ignorant and unsolicited commentary when the kids and I take her out for a walk.

We do always keep her on a leash because it's true that Am Staffs are potentially dog aggressive (so are many other breeds of dog. Although I know it's part of her genetic make up, Dixie has never bothered another dog except once when she and my sister's Golden got into a spat over some food). But people do not seem to understand that bull terrier-type dogs may tend to dislike other dogs, but this does NOT make them naturally aggressive toward HUMANS. The two are not related in any way.


I've decided to support Howard Dean for President in 2004. Read why you should support him too.


Check out this great looking and super-fun parenting site I stumbled upon.
I just discovered that Ina May Gaskin has finally released her first "mainstream"
book on pregnancy and childbirth
. Even though I am not pregnant and have no prospects for becoming pregnant at the moment ;-), as a huge fan of Ina May and her work, I can't wait to read it. I'm certain that it will become a classic. My sister is a childbirth instructor (isn't that a funny term?) and I'm going to buy her a copy as well.