Am I the only one who thinks that white-haired guy on those TV commercials is creepy? Sort of like a creepy Jimmy Carter?


For those of you who -- after reading my new piece in -- are asking me for more background on the latest in hard science behind the new risk-based approach to breastfeeding promotion, here are a few online sources I find helpful:

The American Academy of Pediatrics' Official Policy on Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk.

World Health Organization info on the latest in breastfeeding science."

My article on this topic from

A really comprehensive synthesis of a great deeal of research can be found here. NOTE: While I know that the peer-reviewed studies the author cites are of high quality, I cannot speak to her overall conclusions because I haven't yet had a chance to look closely at her methodology in pulling all this info together. But this is a great complilation of lots of individual studies.

How Breastfeeding Protects Newborns by Jack Newman, MD.

A fact sheet on the risks of formula feeding from The Breastfeeding Task Force of Los Angeles

An interesting article on the risks of giving even one bottle to a breastfed newborn. (This is a PDF file)

The FDA's own FAQ on infant formula. Very few Americans are aware of the fact that the production of infant formula is not regulated by the FDA in the same way that other prepared commercial foods are regulated in this country. The infant formula industry lobbies hard to keep things this way ( for obvious reasons).


Infertility has never been a problem I've had. In fact, hyper fertility has been my way... so I wouldn't have thought I'd find much of interest in this blog about one anonymous woman's journey through infertility and miscarriage. Depressing subjects, to be sure, but her smart, wickedly funny take on the topic had me laughing out loud.

Great writing and highly recommended.