Yeah, right.

Gullible media types ;-)
If you needed another reason to dislike the George W. Bush dynastic machine, here it is. Actually, I was rather shocked to read that Bush Sr. reacted so callously to his daughter-in-law of 25 years' plea to be allowed to continue raising his grandchildren in their longtime home, despite the fact that she was being summarily dumped by his son and her husband, Neil Bush. I kinda had the idea that Bush Sr. was, well, a nice man, even if I don't agree with his political or policy views much of the time.

Now Sharon Bush is shopping around a Bush family tell-all book. It sounds like she actually really neds the money since her divorce settlement was so puny relative to the family's standard of living. I'm sure she'll either get a good book deal or the Bush family will pay her off not to sell it, so she will get her money one way or another. I'm sure she would prefer NOT to have to write the book, considering that she is the mother of three Bush children who would find it embarrassing and upsetting.

Sad stuff.
Project Censored has released their 2003 list of the most underreported-yet-very-important news stories of the year.


I'm all for truth in advertising.
David Talbot is spot-on in explaining why Howard Dean and Al Franken are the men of the hour.