Here is a call for submissions from my friend and fellow writermama, Ericka Lutz:

Call for Fiction Submissions

(Please share widely!!)

Literary Mama, a new online literary journal, seeks
good fiction by writers who are mothers, about
parenting. Stories should be:
* Centered around parenting.
* Written by writers who are also self-identified
mothers: biological, non-biological, step,
transgendered, adoptive.

* Stories or stand-alone novel excerpts up to 7,000
* Reprints okay (so long as you have the rights).
* Standard response time from 3-5 weeks. Manuscripts
are read year round except for June and December.
* Simultaneous submissions okay as long as you notify
us if accepted elsewhere.
* Electronic submissions only (see address below).

What we tend to like:
* Writing that hurts – to write, to read.
* Superior craft.
* Stories with strong narrative structure, great
characters, interesting settings, beautiful language,
complicated themes.
* Fiction at a flat-out, heart-racing run.
* Fiction that meanders slowly and irrevocably.
* Ambiguity, complexity, depth, thoughtfulness,
delicacy, humor, irreverence, sincerity; the elegant
and the raw.

What we tend not to like:
* Cloying, soft-focus, overly-epiphanous fiction.
* Lack of development, lack of clarity.

How to submit:
Please send attachments as MSWord or RTF files to and enclose a brief cover

We look forward to reading your work!