gotta love the news in east tennessee

Stories like this one  make my job a lot more fun.  This one is pretty good too.


don't touch the blue ball

The television station for which I am a producer is owned by the Gannett Corporation. For the past few days I was at Gannett HQ in the D.C. area for meetings. I was eager to see the bldg because I had heard it was simply amazing ...and it is. It's huge and gorgeous in a moderne sort of way. Lots of glass and water and cryptic art installations. It's on a big "campus" with a pond and walking trails.
Before I left, coworkers who have been there laughingly teased me to not "touch the blue ball" while at Gannett. They wouldn't tell me exactly what they meant, so I googled "Gannett" and "blue ball" and discovered that this is what they were talking about

I never saw the blue ball. I think it must be on the executive floor. But I made a point not to touch anything ;-)