I have wondered every day in recent months how Palestinian parents feel when their children undertake their kamikaze bombing missions inside Israel. The picture commonly painted by most American media outlets is one of fanatical Muslim parents happily sending their children off to meet Allah and kill a few Israelis on their way off the planet. But in this interesting piece by Andrew Friedman, I learned that a few Palestinian parents are tentatively speaking out, asking Arafat's thugs to "leave our children alone".
One of my favorite advocacy groups, Attachment Parenting International, is putting together a coordinated response from parents and pediatric professionals regarding the Consumer Product Safety Commission's new statement on parent-baby co-sleeping. Check it out. I was pleased to lend my name to their efforts.

Really, it's just absolutely bizarre that government bureaucrats are now telling families where they should sleep inside their own homes.


I was very sorry to have missed the recent Knoxville Blogfest and I hope to attend the next one. Actually, maybe I'll offer to host it. I did have lunch with InstaPundit's Glenn Reynolds a week or two ago, which was very fun. I have been reading his stuff for a good while and I attended UT's College of Law, but I never had him for a prof (I dropped out after second year) or met him in person in any other context. It turns out we live just a few blocks from one another.
Whenever I face a particularly difficult moral dilemma in my own life, I turn to America's Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, for her words of wisdom and unique brand of inspiration. Betty Bowers, a prominent member of Landover Baptist Church, has a groundbreaking new book out entitled WWBD: What Would Betty Do?. Perhaps someone in Boston could pass it along to Cardinal Bernard Law as he wrestles with his own conscience.
Father Robert Carr, a Catholic priest in Boston, has started his own online diary/blog documenting what it's like to be in the very eye of the current storm engulfing the Catholic church. It's brand new and doesn't have too much content just yet, but it's absorbing reading nonetheless.


I like this essay about a teenage mother's dumpster diving experiences in Silicon Valley.
Have you ever wondered about the man behind the striped rugby shirt? Steve Burns tells all!