Literary Mama, an online literary magazine (, features writing by mother writers about the complexities and many faces of motherhood.

This Mothers Day, Literary Mama will publish a special issue devoted to MOTHERS WRITING ABOUT THEIR MOTHERS. The fiction department is joining the fun...While our usual "slant" is towards fiction about mothering from the mother's POV,
this is your opportunity to submit stories about mothering from the child's POV.

We seek:

* Short fiction of less than 6,000 words.
* Stories about mothering from the child's POV.
* Submissions written by writers of all ages WHO ARE ALSO SELF-IDENTIFIED MOTHERS: biological, non-biological, step, transgendered, grand, or adoptive. * Reprints okay (so long as you have the rights).
* Simultaneous submissions okay as long as you notify us if accepted elsewhere.

Please send submissions in the text of an email along with a brief cover letter to Ericka Lutz, Fiction Editor, fiction AT Mention that your submission is for the Mother's Day issue.

Deadline: March 25

Remember: your manuscripts are always welcome. Please see http://www. for our
regular guidelines.