I don't plan on seeing The Passion of Christ because I hate watching violent, gory movies. I could barely sit through Mel Gibson's movie, The Patriot. But I did read with interest today that just like any other Big Hollywood Movie nowadays, the film has licensed merchandise based on the torture and crucifiction of Jesus.

I am not making this up. You can buy things such as necklaces made from pewter nails just like the ones Jesus (and gazillions of other people who were brutalized by the Romans) had pounded into their hands. The packaging has the movie's logo and lettering on it.

This is just....wrong.

I wrote an article a while back about the booming "Christian lifestyle industry. It was one of the most disturbing social trends I've ever researched. I hate the idea of a "Christian parallel universe" where true believers can buy Christian themed versions of just about any product or service you can imagine.