Today I ran across a site with a couple of very interesting articles on the cult-like characteristics of Alcoholics Anonymous. Before you email me to tell me that I don't know what I'm taking about because I am not "in recovery" (another 12 step exercise in exclusivity that is also common to cults), I should add that I worked for several years with a 12 step treatment program for addicted parents and that I have seen many individuals utilize the AA model to get and stay sober. But the fact remains that just as with any religion or self-help group, extremist interpretations and practices can arise, leading to painful schisms within families and between partners.

Anyway, I am now researching an article on people and families who have seen their loved ones become so focused on a 12 step group or method that they pull away from everyone who is not a part of "the program." If you are interested in letting me interview you for this piece, drop me an email at Thanks.