From the sad but true files...

Tonight I went to the local (Knoxville, TN) Borders to hang out. I picked up several
magazines and went to the cafe to pay for them and a snack, but when I gave the cashier my trusty debit card, she said she had to see some more ID. I explained that I buy stuff there all the time with that card and have never been asked for ID. I only had the debit card in my pocket -- no wallet, purse, or anything with other ID. No cash. I asked her if the health insurance card with my name on it that also happened to be in my pocket would work. Nope, she says, it has to be a photo ID. I was totally irritated and she was being very snarky . I was about to leave when I realized that my book has my photo on the back cover. So I went over to the parenting books section, grabbed a copy of my book and took it
to her up at the coffee bar. See, I said, this book was written by ME, Katie Allison Granju, and here is my photo on the jacket with my name under it.

The cashier took a few seconds and looked closely at the picture of me and then back at me. Then she hands me back the book and announces that having one's photo on a book in the store does not constitute acceptable photo ID. She sighs impatiently and tells me that the only acceptable ID is a driver's license or passport. At this point, the people behind me in the line are literally laughing out loud, and I think that's what made her finally capitulate.

As she rang up my order, she lectured me that I had better bring my acceptable photo ID next time because she wouldn't
allow me to use the book jacket again ;-)

I swear to God this is a true story. Sad but true...