Sssshhhh!!!!! Don't tell him, but this is where I am getting my husband his father"s day gift this year. Just another example of all the cool stuff Knoxville, Tennessee has to offer that you didn't know about.

Speaking of father's day, I read Wendy McElroy's new column on the "father's rights" movement with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am in agreement with a number of the movement's stated goals. On the other hand, I have personally known of a number of men who, angry that their wives have decided to divorce them, have attempted to punish their ex-wives by trying to get custody of their children. Their desire for custody has nothing to do with their interest in living with their kids and everything to do with seeing the mothers of their children suffer.

I interviewed a bunch of guys from the father's rights movement in 1998 for this article I wrote for Metro Pulse on Tennessee's mess of a custody and child support system. It's called Deadbeat Nation.