Have you ever wondered...

"Is La Leche League just a bunch of left-wing, co-sleeping, braless women who wear organic cotton sackcloths and nurse their freaky kids until they're in kindergarten?

Now you can get the answer to this and all your other burning pregnancy, breastfeeding, and parenting questions from the mama-diva, Roxanne Beckford Hoge in her wonderful "Ask Rox" advice column. Her equally informative husband, Bob, answers pressing questions on family life like this one:

"Why is it that whenever the mom gets sick, the dad manages to get even sicker within a day or two?"

in his own advice column, "Of Bob and Men"

I was glad to read Bob's answer to that last question because I have always wondered about this one myself. In fact, during my sister Betsy's recent 30 hour unmedicated labor and birth, my brother-in-law actually said to her at one point, "Honey, I know you're in pain and all, but man! my back is killing me today!"