Demographically, I have soccer mom written all over me. 34 years old, three kids, minivan, married, voted for Clinton in 92, etc, etc. So I've always felt rather alone among my statistical peers with regards to my pro-gun-rights views.

In 2000, when I was working as an editor/producer with Oxygen Media, I really had to keep my mouth shut around the office since Oxygen's powers-that-be had decided that the company as a whole would throw strong support behind the first Million Mom March (I couldn't help thinking at the time how much more powerful a million moms would be if they were armed. Of course, as it turns out, some of the most famous women supporting the MMM were, in fact, quietly relying on guns to protect thair own children from the bad guys.).

Anyway, in the past year or so, I have begun to sense a change in the cultural zeitgeist with regards to moms and guns. I was interested to read this new Zogby poll (disclaimer: it was underwritten by a pro-gun lobby) indicating that in fact, more Americans are reclaiming their constitutional gun rights in the wake of September 11th.