Remember "John Doe #2"? He was the guy who was originally placed with Tim McVeigh by witnesses who rented him his truck (bomb) prior to the bombing on Oklahoma City. Law enforcement even distributed a detailed sketch of the guy, but he was promptly dismissed as a suspect once McVeigh and his merry band of losers were arrested.

This morning one enterprising blogger, Bryan Preston has dugup that 1995 sketch of John Doe #2 and has posted it on his site next to an actual photo of arrested "dirty bomber" suspect, Jose Padilla. They do indeed look almost exactly alike.

But I have to admit that I became pretty suspicious of police sketches after I was robbed at gunpoint in 1987 while I was a student at the University of Tennessee. I described the suspect at length to the police artist, but when his sketch was generated and plastered around, the suspect looked exactly like an evil Amish guy...and nothing at all like the guy who robbed me ;-) He looked so much like an Amish farmer, that enterprising students started adding an Amish hat to the sketches around the campus.