In Germany, the mother of a kindergarten-age disabled child has sued the doctor who failed to detect his problems during prenatal screening. She says that although she "loves him," she would have had a late term abortion if she had known that he would be born without the use of his hands or legs. According to this Reuters report on the case:

"He is now 5 years old and needs continual attention, say his parents, who sued the gynaecologist concerned to pay for his care. They also sought damages for his mother, who now suffers from depression. "

What five year old doesn't need continual attention? This woman doesn't deserve the gift of mothering this little boy.

By the way, the parents actually WON their suit against their OB-GYN. The German High Court wrote in their decision that:

"The Federal Court said in its decision that an abortion of the baby would have been legal in view of the expected severe disabilities of the child as well as the danger of the mother committing suicide after the birth. A statement reads, "The fact that after the birth depression did actually emerge and was so strong as to be an illness with a latent danger of suicide at least in the first weeks, supports this prognosis."