You know, I don't think much at all of people who run around ( as we delicately say here in the South) with married people. In fact, I strongly support the right of cuckolded (did I spell that right?) spouses to sue for alienation of affection. So Chandra Levy's affair with Gary Condit has always really repulsed me and made me wonder what sort of values her obviously adoring parents had passed on to her.

But whatever the reason behind her decision to screw around with a (totally skanky, lying, jerk of a ) married guy, she is now dead, and speculation like this about the specifics of her sex habits seem really rude and innapropriate to me. Besides, this particular conjecture - that the knotted spandex exercise leggings found near Ms. Levy's remains indicate some sort of "consensual bondage" - is pretty bizarre. Seriously, what city girl goes out to a buggy, rocky area of Rock Creek Park and obligingly removes her sweatpants and then allows herself to be tied up with them just for fun. Puhleeze.