kids' health initiative

Vote Kids is a progressive organization with a mission that makes children's needs a political priority. This past week, Vote Kids introduced several leading pediatricians in a Washington DC press conference to make a joint statement about children's health care in America and where the candidates for President stand.

Prominent pediatricians from across the country, including T. Berry Brazelton and six past presidents of the American Academy of Pediatrics, support John Kerry's effort to provide every child in America with affordable health care coverage.


HHS Secretary Thompson responded to this week's activity by calling America's leading pediatricians "demagogues" and said: "It is absurd and despicable that doctors are playing politics with children's lives".

As you probably know, 8 million children and youth don't have health insurance. We think that the present administration does not have a plan to provide health coverage to America's children, and that their current tax and budget priorities are eroding hard won health care gains for children.

As part of the pediatricians' effort, Vote Kids is working hard to put this important statement by America's leading pediatricians in front of parents, community leaders, and voters in several important states.

A special page has been set up for supporters to donate and spread the word: