great pyrenees

I have a new puppy! He's an 11 week old Great Pyrenees named Leo. He came from a farm where his parents guard Alpacas and goats.

I used to have another Great Pyrenees named Leo and he was much loved, but when my life became totally disrupted several years ago due to divorce, moving to a rental, new job, etc, I had to make the extremely difficult and still painful decision to find him a new home, which I did with the help of a reputable Great Pyrenees rescue group. I still miss him.

Now we are all settled again in a house we own with a yard and I felt ready for a puppy. We already have one dog: Fiat is a Jack Russell mix and I love him, but Great Pyrs are my favorite breed. I feel much better with a huge livestock guardian breed watching over my children and my house.

One interesting thing about Pyrs is how instinctive their behavior is. Leo is only three months old but he already walks our fence line, barking at strange animals and dogs. He already settles himself against the front door at night, staying alert to everything going on. He is a little more reserved than my previous Pyr, so I think he'll be an even better family guardian, although I will make sure he gets plenty of socialization.