Chris and I were reminiscing tonight about what we were doing six years ago today.

We were at the hospital and I was in labor -almost a month early - with our son Elliot. He finally arrived in the wee hours of January 3rd, but was soon whisked off to the NICU, where he spent several weeks. He was hospitalized for three weeks again at 13 months old and again at age three. Today though, at age six tomorrow, he's healthy and beautiful and really interesting.

He's the most outgoing of our three children. He has blue eyes, while his siblings have brown eyes. He's the life of any party and has a very kind heart. He likes horses and skateboards and his cousins and his classmates at Montessori School. He can almost read and he likes playing with his pet rat, Strawberry, and his pet lizard, Australia. He's my baby, even though he's not really a baby anymore.

Happy birthday Elliot.