I will sleep terribly tonight, knowing that bombs I helped pay for are dropping on homes where mothers are huddled on top of their terrified children.

They cannot leave or hide. Unlike during the London blitz, when mothers sent their children to the country to protect them, these parents have no options. There are no subway tunnels or bomb shelters to speak of. The dictator who rules them has sentenced them to certain death and our bombs will carry out the execution.

If we must invade Iraq, I believe that this "shock and awe" air assault is the least ethically defensible way to do it. We should go in on the ground, minimizing potential for civilian casualties.

I believe that Sadaam Hussein should be ousted and that Iraqis deserve a free and democratic government. I believe that there were other options to exhaust before full scale invasion. And if we must invade, we should do so as brave liberators, willing to risk a ground assault in order to avoid the thousands of civilian casualties that will result from large scale bombing from the air.

Pray for peace.

---- Katie