There was a time, not so long ago, when actively seeking to profit from war was considered a really ugly thing. Lots of companies and individuals did it, of course, but they at least tried to keep it under wraps. War profiteering was considered one of the nastier aspects of capitalism, even among ardent capitalists.

But for weeks now, I have been listening to people like Neil Cavuto on Fox News openly and enthusiastically interview financial pundits about which stocks and commodities will be most likely to turn a profit in the coming war. Cavuto and his guests seem to have no shame at all in happily gabbing about how smart U.S. investors can position themselves now to see a profit when the bombs start dropping. Today, in a discussion about oil prices, the issue of war with Iraq was nonchalantly thrown into the mix of variables along with things like high demand due to the recent wintery weather.

I find this extremely repulsive and not related in any way to whether one is or is not in favor of the impending U.S.invasion of Iraq.

When did this cultural taboo - one of our better ones, in my opinion - fall away?