Today is the first time since we separated that my husband has our children staying with him for two whole weekdays and nights. I thought I would feel liberated and enjoy two full child-free days in a row. Instead, I feel a bit like a mother cat whose kittens have been moved. I find myself pacing around the house, absently walking in and out of their bedrooms.

And I keep sending him emails like this one (actual text):

" Did you remember to treat Elliot's warts and ringworm before he went to bed last night? The wart medicine was in the suitcase but I forgot to tell you that the ringworm ointment is in the outside pocket."

If you haven't had little kids in your life recently or ever, you may not know that, despite your best efforts, they periodically get really nasty conditions, like impetigo and lice (been there, done those). Elliot, my five year old, has two such conditions at the moment. Warts on his little hand and a ringworm spot on his tummy. Our pediatrician says he probably got the ringworm from our horse (apparently common carriers) . Elliot says the warts came from a toad he found, but I think he got them from his big brother, who is now blissfully wart-free.