In this terrific interview with Salon, Camille Paglia articulates my own frustration with the current anti-war movement in the U.S. She says:

"I turned on C-SPAN with great excitement to watch the big march in Washington last month. But talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Several speakers were good, but most of them tried to drag all sorts of extraneous issues into it -- calling Bush a "moron," accusing America of imperialistic ambitions, "No blood for oil" -- all these clich├ęs. When fringe, paleo-leftist voices take over the platform, it drives away the moderate, mainstream people in this country who have nagging doubts about this war. I just don't believe the polls claiming overwhelming public support for the war. I'm skeptical about the way the pollsters are asking the questions. I don't know anyone who's wholeheartedly for this war."

She also touches on many other important and troubling aspects of the Bush administration's march to Iraq that I haven't heard anyone else pull together in quite such an erudite way.