Today was one of those perfect fall days...sunny and cool. About 60 degrees. Time to pull out the jeans and sweaters.

It was also a very busy day, with all three children doing their things. First up was a drive to a horse show at Noah's Ark Farm where I dropped Jane off to spend the day with our friends from Dogwood Hunt Club. Jane wasn't showing, but she wanted to hang out with her gaggle of horse show pals for the day.

Then we headed back toward Knoxville, where I dropped Henry off at the paintball field for his weekly league game.

After that, we raced to Lakeshore Park for Elliot's soccer game. He was very worried we were late (and I was too), but we got there in time. His team was playing his best friend Teddy's team, which was cute. Elliot and Teddy love each other. I always wonder at what age (they are both 6 now)they will stop greeting each other with desperate hugs of happiness every time they see one another. Never, I hope ;-)

The game was good. Elliot, as always, turns off the silliness as soon as the game starts and is 100% focused. He is very assertive and quick and just generally a really good player. He loves it, too. After the game, he was invited to go home and spend the night with Teddy, so I left alone.

Then it was back for paintball watching (which I admit to not understanding at all). I can never figure out which team won or why. But I try to pay attention and not look bored ;-)

I am honest with Henry that given my druthers, I would rather watch a horseshow than do just about anything else, so after a while I went and watched the show with my friend Ann Casady (who owns Dogwood). She had seven really nice ponies showing and all their kids did very well.

Horse show kids have their own fashions and it amuses me to see how they all dress alike even when they aren't showing that day. Dozens of little girls, all with loooong hair (better for braiding under a helmet), Dansko clogs and horsey-themed t-shirts. The kids showing that day also wear their breeches or jodphurs and the new thing is ribbon belts straight out of The Preppy Handbook (circa 1984).

When Sydney Casady finished her classes, she left to come spend the night with us. I love Sydney -- I would adopt her in an instant -- so I'm happy when she and Jane get to play together.

And now my niece Eleanor is here as well and Henry has gone to eat Indian Food with my sister and brother in law.

A good day, all in all.