My friend Dawn Friedman has launched what she calls her ""Evil Google Plan" to post people's names in hopes they will google themselves and contact her. It's a great way to track down long lost friends. So I want to try it too.

From my Webb School years, I'd love to hear from Lee Gillis, Bryan Upchurch, Randy Tremaine, Daniel Wilcox, Pam Crockett, the Al-Haddad clan, Tate Westbrook, Marci Gerwe, Jeff Wooden, Doug Holder, Taryn Estes... and many others that will probably occur to me after I post this.

I'd love to hear from Shawn McKinney who was my roommate freshman year of college my first semester, as well as R-MWC friends like Kris Oh and Molly Hughes, Mallory Troxler and Mimi Carter. I have completely lost touch with David Graham, my evil genius pal from Harvard and many a TN Democratic campaign road trip. I'd also love to hear from Bill Dixon (who actually WORKED for Google, last I heard...), Gray Sasser, and Mike Sonnie. MIA friends from UT include Amanda Alley, Kari Amundsen, Mike Hodge, Tammy Kaousias, Simon Rowcliffe, and Greg Ball, and Tim Dimick. I really regret having fallen out of touch with Shari Lipscomb, Pam Jorden, and Jimmy Williamson.

Former workmates: Mark Anderson, Sonia Fine, Mary Hughes, Pam Washington, Janette Burgin, Phil Moser...

Friends from far back in the recesses of my childhood would be Abe Gueller and the entire wild n wooly Gueller clan of Gray's Harbor, Washington.

The number one person on my most-wanted list is Neil Bomar.

So if any of you find yourselves mentioned here, drop me a note and let me know how you are.

Katie -