Another Call for Submissions: Mamaphonic

Do you have a toddler seat strapped in the back of the tour van? Do you write poetry while the baby naps? Have you discovered that becoming a mother has changed not only your daily life but the content of your creative work? Mamaphonic is an anthology of writing about mothering, the
creative process, and reciprocity within the artistic community. The book will include confessions and conversations about the true, exhilarating, entertaining,and difficult aspects of remaining creative while raising kids.

We are seeking literary first-person nonfiction essays of 2,000 - 4,000 words. Queries are encouraged. We are interested in hearing from mothers participating in all aspects of art, writing, music, puppetry, performance, film, photography, independent publishing, or any other creative endeavor. We are seeking diverse views on subjects such as: children as muses, how an artist's daily life is changed after becoming a mother, how women balance their work and creative process with motherhood, and the
specific influence of parenting on career trajectory and expectations. Although we are primarily concerned with the positive influences motherhood can have on the
artistic process, we are also interested in the challenges motherhood brings to the working artist and how those challenges are met and overcome.

Edited by Bee Lavender and Maia Rossini and published by Soft Skull Press (, the book will also include a compendium of practical resources for working artistic mothers. Compensation includes $50 and two review copies. The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2003.

Please forward this message extensively.

Hard copies can be mailed to:

Mamaphonic c/o Hip Mama PO Box 28870 Seattle, WA 98118

Email queries and submissions: