I've just had a blog offering a scathing indictment of attachment-style parenting pointed out to me. The blog-guy names my work specifically in criticizing attachment parenting --reasonably so, since I wrote a book about it and speak/write frequently on the topic. I would love to engage this person in a dialogue regarding this topic, but it would be pretty difficult to do since his own description of attachment parenting is so completely inaccurate and far out in left field.

I have a suggestion for Mr. Bennett. Why doesn't he read my book before deciding to critique it? If he can't find the time to do that, maybe he would like to read an interview with me on the topic of attachment parenting. Here is one possibility and here is another.

It's too bad that he can't meet my attachment parented children, all of whom are polite, kind, accomplished and well-liked by kids and adults who know them. They would be very surprised indeed to hear Mr. Bennett's description of them as rude and worse. They would also be quite surprised to hear that attachment parenting equals a permissive, child-centered family setting. since that is far from what they are experiencing in our household.